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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meet Violet

Just in case you haven't met her before, meet Violet.

Baby V (as we call her) is 2 years old (going on 12!) and just one of the sweetest things you can imagine...  (Most of the time :) )

Everybody loves her....

What's not to love?

(Pippin, Hannah's lovebird, and Violet)


The other day she was sitting in the high chair after lunch with the remains still on her face and hands.

"You tlean <clean> me up, Amy?"

I looked at her, her wide eyes looking up at me.  That was a common line with her- she usually says that to whoever is around ("You tlean me up, Hannah? Melody?").  I grinned and said,

"Yes, sweetie, I'll clean you up."

She smiled and looked rather satisfied as she patiently waited for me to wet a clean wash rag.

During that short walk to and from the sink I was considering what a blessing she was, how much I loved her, my youngest sister, how she was one of my best friends... this was all going on in my MIND- mind you- I didn't say a WORD!

I walked over to her in the highchair with a wet washcloth in my hand.  She looked up at me with her brilliantly blue, unblinking eyes and grinned widely.  I began to wipe her face.

"You my best buddy?" she said.

I almost burst into tears.

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