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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sometimes life can be frustrating.

Stuff to do here, there, EVERYWHERE!  Every time I turn around there is something new to do- something to clean, or fix, or organize, or repaint, rewash, or, or, or....  I can get so lost in the business and the craziness of life.  It's so easy to forget what really matters what the end goal is really. My body and brain feel so drained and tired that I feel like I can't see the light of day.   When I see my brothers and sisters playing all I can think of is the mess.

Know what I needed?

I needed my little 2-year-old sister, Violet, upon her first waking up in the morning and calling out for me, "Amy!  I MEED <need>you, Amy!"  When I go and pick her up, her chubby little dimply arms wrapped around my neck I get- perspective.  When standing before the judgement seat of God at the end of my life, is He going to ask how clean the floor was or is He going to look at the lives of my brothers and sisters under me which I had influence and leadership over and ask something more like, "Did you encourage you brothers and sisters in Me?  What did you do to bless them and lead them down My path?"

All of a sudden the fingerprints on the wall aren't as black as they were before.  The smudges on the sliding glass doors aren't quite as noticeable.  The board game that hasn't yet been cleaned up makes me smile when I see Violet in an intense play between the figures that make up the game pieces.

I'm not saying that we do not need to take care of our homes!

On the contrary, I believe that we must be good stewards of what God has given us.   But I simply believe instead of worrying about housework, care for little hearts.  Remember that they are eternal.  When you pass by someone who just so happens to be putting their hands all over the window that you just washed instead of getting angry with them, get a few rags and some cleaner and teach them how to clean the windows with you and teach them that it is not nice to ruin what someone else has done.  Chances are they weren't even thinking about what they were doing!

"for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

Matthew 6:21

The house will someday burn.  This earth is not our home.  But my brothers and sisters are mine for eternity...  how am I going to treat them and be a good steward of their souls?

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