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Monday, May 23, 2011

Tag... Get to Know Me :-)

Some friends of mine did this tag a few weeks ago and I thought it might be kind of fun to join in...

Maybe it will give you more insight about me :)

Age: 17
Bed size: twin
Chore you hate:   Hmmm.... to be honest I can't really decide on only one chore that I hate but I guess dishes would definitely be on the list!  (makes my hands all dry :P )
Dogs:  Our family has one: a toy poodle named George :)
Essential start of your day: The sound of song number nine on the CD in the alarm clock ("Turkish Delight" by David Crowder Band* right now :) ), reading my Bible, prayer, coffee, working on a writing project, blog...  (this is when my day starts ideally...  sometimes I do sleep in and most of this doesn't matter- except Quiet time and coffee of course :) )

Favorite color: Pink!

Gold or silver: Ouch- I don't think I could really choose... maybe silver?  Maybe?

Height: 5'4"- yep I'm a shorty :)
Instruments I play (or have played): Guitar, Piano, Trombone, teensy bit of: Tenor Saxophone, Mandolin, and whatever else we have laying around the house...
Job title:  Big Sister, Eldest Daughter, Helpmeet and Homemaker in Training :)
Kids: I hope to have many some day!

Pet peeve: When I hear my mom tell one of my siblings to do something but yet somehow they don't hear.

Quote from a movie: Our family loves this-
Reepicheep holding a sword to Caspian's throat: "Any last words, Telmarine?"
Caspian: "You are a mouse"
Reepicheep: "I was hoping for something a little more original..."
from Prince Caspian
Watch the clip :)

Prince Caspian Meets Reepicheep

I can't believe this but I seriously can't think of any more right now :)
Right or left handed: Right


Siblings:  8; 3 brothers and 5 sisters.

Time you wake up: On most weekdays, 5 am, on weekends or crazy days, 8 am  :)
Vegetables you dislike: Squash, zucchini, onions, cabbage, any kind of pepper except banana  :)

What makes you run late:  technical difficulties :)

X-rays you've had done: once on my pinkie finger (we thought it might be broken), and once on my back for chiropractic purposes :)

Yummy food you make: Our family favorite we call "Chicken Delicious" chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce on top of homemade whole wheat noodles.  I also make freshly ground whole wheat bread, and I used to always get requests for an orange jell-o salad I used to make that a good friend of ours dubbed "Fluffy Salad".  Gotta make that soon....

Zoo animal:  Uh, I'm not a big animal person... but I love birds... I think they are so cute :)
Well, that's all for now...  hope you enjoyed- feel free to do it yourself!
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