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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Of Zip (or is it "M"?) and some other new family friends

My dear readers,

My sincerest apologies for my tardiness in posting on this little blog... Life has been busy (I'll bet you all are sick of hearing that from me!) but it's true, nevertheless.

I just wanted to drop a little post on here to let you all know that I have not given up on this little blog, nor do I plan on abandoning you, my dear readers!

I also wanted to introduce you to some new family friends :-)

Well, let's just say that we may have gotten a little zealous with our the plants in our butterfly garden...

That's right! We've got caterpillars!  And a TON of them at that.

They turn into black swallowtail butterflies, I've seen a few flitting about the plants out front-- they are so beautiful!  I wish I had a photo of one, hopefully I'll be able get one soon though....

 Abigail and Violet enjoyed catching a few to observe them... It's amazing to watch how much they eat!  Abigail has three named M, Stripey, and Pinky.

Violet has one, she originally named Zip, then a few minutes ago she changed his name to M... I vote for Zip, but I don't think it's up for discussion at this point ;-)

I love watching these little caterpillars, how amazing creation is!  Makes me feel as childlike as my little brothers and sisters as we all gather around the jars, watch the little caterpillars eat, spin their cocoons, sleep, wait and wake transformed... What a beautiful story God has written into the life of a seemingly small insignificant insect-- how much more does He desire to write beauty into the stories of His children?  Are we willing to rest in His cocoon and wait?

Just a thought...