I've Moved!

This little blog has moved over to the official AHeartSurrendered.com! Check it out; can't wait to see you there.


Jesus lover.  Obsessive coffee drinker and chocolate consumer.  Wears Toms.  Plays guitar.  Sings too loud.  Apple girl.  Wordaholic.  Bookie.  Wears too much pink.  Music junkie.  Talks too much.  Techy. Hopeful romantic.  Kitchen freestyle dancer. Oldest of ten kids. Homeschool graduate. Unlikely hipster. Beloved.

...I make His heart beat faster.

This is me.  And this is my blog.

I know that there are a million other blogs on the web, but this is my little corner, and I'm so glad that you've stopped by!

I'm His Beloved and He is mine, this blog is about my journey of life; my eager watch for His declarations of love.

Along the way, you'll find bits and pieces about the things that I love; that He has taught me over the years.  From music to blogging to technology, I hope you'll enjoy the information, resources and encouragement!

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  1. Okay, can I just say I love your "about" page? Love the charming simplicity of it.