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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Go Ahead- Crush My Dreams!

A year or so my friend told me about a new sensation at McDonald's. (she had to tell me about it because we NEVER go there!)  I'm not going to mention any names but let's just say *she* got me hooked on a blessed mixture of chocolate, coffee, cream, and sugar topped with whipped cream and drizzled with a fudgy, oozy, chocolate sauce.... <drooling>mmmmmmm.....

Now I knew that they weren't good for me.  They were definitely a special occasion thing...  I told my mom that I didn't want to know the calorie content- I was going to get one today and was going to sip and enjoy it in ignorant bliss.  I though that was that...  Yeah, right.

Next thing I know I see her on her netbook with a horrified look on her face and she said, "You're right- you don't want to know!"


Turns out a small Mocha Frappe contains 450 calories and 20 grams of fat.

Medium: 560 Calories and 24 grams of fat.

Large: 680 Calories and 28 grams of fat.

I could spend 1/3 of my daily calorie intake on one drink?!?!?!?

Thanks, Momma.... you crushed me... now I have to go look at the nonfat selections...

(Actually seriously, thank you- helping me make wise decisions! ;) )

For more nutritional information on other McDonald's food (make sure you look at the triple thick milkshakes!) click here.

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