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Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby Peter...

Meet my little brother, Peter.
Born two months ago tomorrow my third little brother and eighth sibling continues to serve as a reminder to me of the joy of human love.
So sorry to friends that have been checking my family's blog for photos over the past few weeks (er... month.... or two :) ).
We have been experiencing technical difficulties with Blogger. :)
Anyway, I though that you all might enjoy a few cute (albeit blurry) shots of baby Peter smiling (a rare occasion :-) )

You can imagine the scene, "Hi, Baby.... Hello, Baby!"  <cheeks killing me from smiling so hard> "He's smiling!!!!  Quick take the picture!!!"
Thus the blurry photos :)
Aaaaaah!  He's attacking me!!!  :D

Such a sweet baby... when he's not cranky... :)
Ok, ok, back away paparazzi!   The boy needs his beauty sleep....

(BTW, swing- lifesaver!)

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