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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Embrace Them!

  Oh, little brothers... and little sisters for that matter!  Don't ya just love 'em to pieces?  (I can see you smirking!)  Let's admit it.  Sometimes brothers and sisters get on our nerves... But that doesn't make it right. Allow me to explain.
The world views us (or at least me) as a teenager that has too much responsibility having to help mom with all the kids (emphasis on all) and is being deprived of socialization because she is homeschooled and is desperately wants to rebel.  I don't know if that is you but that is not me!  That "too much responsibility" lie is from

the pit of hell! God intended for you to help your mother with the children so that she could train you for your future roll of being a wife and mother.  Little brothers and sisters are a gift from the Lord (Psalm 127) and they should be embraced!  Their appearance, their talents, their joys, even their shortcomings should all be embraced.  Because through your brothers and sisters shortcomings you are being sharpened and refined for the work that the Lord has for you when you become a mother and have to take care of your own children that will most likely have similar shortcomings but yet you will know how to handle it whereas if you were being "sociable" in a school you would not have any time to train and you would have to teach yourself with your own children- which leads to many mistakes.
When your little brother comes and gets in your bed in the middle of the night because he is scared, embrace him!  Cuddle him close, give him a few kisses, tell him you love him!  When your little sister draws you another card- the millionth one and you're tired of figuring out what to do with them- embrace her.  Thank her, use some double-sided tape and tape it to your bedroom wall, and tell her you love her!  When your other little brother wants to play catch in the backyard but you just started to read one of the last chapters of  Sir Dalton or Elsie's Holidays, embrace him!  Smile sweetly, put a mark in your book- you can always read it before bed, but for how long will your little brother be nine years old wanting to play catch with his big sister?- and race him to the backyard. Oh, yeah.  And don't forget to tell him that you love him.  Have you noticed something? :)  Tell your brothers and sisters that you love them!  When they walk by, clothesline them and kiss them on the cheek.  Ruffle your brother's hair as he passes by and say, "I love you!".  I love to say "I love you" to my two year old sister with GREAT emphasis and drama because I know she'll say back, "I LOVE you , TOO!"
These days won't last forever, and your brothers and sisters will eventually grow up and have their own families.  Will they be any less fun?  No way!  But imagine what kind of stories they would tell their own daughters, using you as an example (how much of a privilege and delight is that?!?) about how their big sister never turned them away, she was so joyful to do things with them, and how she just couldn't stop telling them that she loved them!  Embrace your brothers and sisters!  You will have many friends in your life, but your brothers and sisters have been and will be your friends the longest period of time: forever.


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