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Saturday, June 4, 2011

James is 7!

Sorry that I haven't posted in a few days...

We were working on a special project (photos soon!) and the day before yesterday was my little brother James' birthday!  So to make up for it I've got lot's of photos from the day before yesterday for you gazing enjoyment :)

At our house, birthdays are a pretty big thing, though we don't generally do parties (per say) but we do invite a family or two (of the B-Day person's choice) over for dinner.  James got to plan his menu for the whole day and pretty much call the shots for the activities of the day.  :)

His Menu:

Breakfast- Crepes with strawberries on top

Lunch- ? He never decided on this one- he kept saying he wanted to go to Target for popcorn and slushies for lunch and would change his mind.... again....

Dinner- Pizza


After crepes for breakfast, Daddy, the boys, Emma, Abigail, and myself all hopped into the van to go to our grandparents ranch to ride 4- wheelers and try out James' new BB gun.  Everyone else stayed home and continued preparations for company later that night.

The birthday boy with his awesome new glasses and BB gun.

Daddy, Emma, and JD with the cardboard target on the right.  :)

John-David takes a "shot" at it (ha ha ha!  I'm so funny :D )

Grandma and Abigail stayed in the shade.  They were smart.

Sorry, no photos of the 4-wheeler riding...  that's because I was on it :)

Happy Birthday, James!

You are such a sweetheart (when you want to be :) ) and I am so excited to watch you grow into a young man.  Continue to listen as we read the Bible at night- you do it so well... Don't ever forget what Jesus did for you- purpose to live you life for Him!

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