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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Colors- What Season are You?

So one of the talks that I heard last weekend that really stuck out to me was about color!  I was fascinated- having never even thought about it before (I knew that certain colors looked better on me than others but I didn't know that it was a "science" of sorts!

I found myself listening to the talk and getting epiphany after epiphany- that's my problem!  That's why I have so many clothes but nothing to wear! Thats why certain outfits just drive me crazy but I can't really tell you why.  That's why I drive my mom nuts when she is shopping for me.  :)

Want to know more about this amazing discovery?  Then let us begin.

Based on our skin tones, everybody fits into 4 different categories (or "seasons"):






Each season has about 30 base colors to choose from.

We all have either yellow, golden, or blue undertones in our skin.  If we have "warmer" skin (yellow or gold) that would make us a warmer season- Spring or Autumn.  But if we have "cooler" skin (blue) that would make us a cooler season- Winter or Summer.

Want to determine what season you are before we go on?  Ok... click here,  here, or here.  (you don't have to click on all of them but it may help :) ) Okay, have you determined your season?  Most people at the conference were Springs or Winters- a few Autumns and Summers... I am a Winter.  I have always looked good in a bright red- it's always been my color- even at age seven.  :) But now you are probably wondering- "Okaaaay... I've determines my season- what colors can I wear?"

Unfortunately I will have to give you an external link to see because I don't want to infringe on any copyright laws by putting others people's color charts on my site...  I found a great page here that should help you out.

Another fun thing that you may want to consider doing is color draping.  Try different colors of solid fabrics- drape them around your neck and shoulders and look at your face.  What does that color do for your face?  Does it make if green?  does it make it pale?  Does it make it glow?  That's the effect we are going for.

Our goal is to make our face the focal point of ourselves.  We want people to see our faces- our eyes and our smile- so that they can see the love of Jesus bubbling up within us.  So that they will not be distracted by the color of our clothes because they blend so well with our bodies that they will only see our beautiful countenance and wonder, "What do they have?"   By drawing the attention to the face it paves the way for the revealing of the "gentle and quiet spirit" that is precious in the sight of God.  (1 Peter 3:3-4)


Anyway... I hope you enjoyed this- I hope I didn't ramble too much...  things are still pretty crazy at our house and my brain and I still have some catching up to do with each other.  :)



Image: prozac1 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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