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Monday, April 2, 2012

Book Review: The Foundlings

Name of book:  The Foundlings

  Matthew Christian Harding
Format:  Soft Cover
Ages: 10+
Overall Rating: 5 stars

Brief Synopsis:
   The Peleg Chronicles takes place in the historical time setting of “the days of Peleg” a few generations after Noah and the Flood.  During this time of dragons, dwarves, heathen priests, giants, and the like, adventure is bound to be discovered!
  The story begins with an awkward Lord McDougal, and his faithful shield-bearer, Fergus Leatherhead, as they struggle to save a dwarf from what they find out to be a heathen sacrifice.  Gimcrack, the dwarf, recounts his story- that of the God-fearing orphan boy, Thiery, and how he tried to rescue Gimcrack from the human sacrifice.
  This just begins the tale.  As the story progresses you get to know 13-year-old Thiery and his trusty wolf, Horatio, and witness the faith and adoration that Thiery has in his Lord God.  Through startling discoveries, seemingly hopeless situations, and heart palpitating battles, Thiery demonstrates his trust in the God of Noah and helps to build not only the faith of his friends, but also the reader as well.
  Though there is no singular plot, the book is made up of a series of vignettes and adventures experienced by both our Lord McDougal and Thiery- demonstrating the relationships between the worshipers of the one true God and those whose hearts are turned away from Him. 

-Worldview: Thoroughly Christian.  Even though this book is set in a time before Christ and before most scripture (save the book of Job) has been written, many Biblical passages are quoted by the characters as their own thoughts of God.

-Character Qualities:  Loyalty, Perseverance, Trust, Faith

-Romance:  None.

-Blasphemy/Profanity(Exodus 20:7):  None

-Era (historical time period):  2200-2000 BC

-Genre:  Historical Fiction

-Gospel Given:  Yes.  As well as it could be without mentioning Jesus- He hadn’t been born at that time.

Final thoughts or comments:
  I LOVED this book!  I HIGHLY recommend this book to pretty much everyone.  I was so blessed by how much my faith was encouraged and built by this book.   As I read about the characters calling upon God in every distress, seeking His will, His direction in every area of their conduct, I was so encouraged. 
  The story kept me turning pages.  The chapters were fast-paced and the scenes well written.  The characters were noble and easy to love.  I especially loved Fergus- don’t ask me exactly why…
  I must congratulate the author in having a no-compromise worldview, writing a Christian fantasy book that those lovers of fantasy can enjoy without being worried about their Christianity being compromised or their time being wasted trying to pluck out the “values”.  Thank you, Mr. Harding!


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