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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Book Review: Paladins

Author:  Matthew Christian Harding
Format:  Soft Cover
Ages: 10+
Overall Rating: 5 stars

   The Peleg Chronicles takes place in the historical time setting of “the days of Peleg” a few generations after Noah and the Flood.  During this time of dragons, dwarves, heathen priests, giants, and the like, adventure is bound to be discovered!
  Springing right back into the action after the cliff-hanger ending of the previous book The Foundlings, Lord McDougal, Fergus Leatherhead, Igi Forkbeard, and Lady Mercy find themselves caught up in the seemingly suicidal "Death Hunt" fighting for their lives.
  But soon after their escape, Fergus has a run-in with Rush, an angry young man, seeking revenge for the humiliation that Fergus caused him one day in the past.  Rush lays a trap for Fergus, causing him to be pulled into a duel of honor the next day.
  Meanwhile, Gimcrack, Thiery, and Suzie settle into their new "home" and meet some new friends. When Thiery goes looking for a job he meets the "sneak" Pip, and his little brother, Percival, two orphaned boys.   Thiery invites them to come over for a "dinner party" and they become fast friends.  
  But when Thiery is met with persecution in his interview at Master Squilby's (his potential employer) will he be able to pass the test and get the job?

-Worldview: Thoroughly Christian.  Even though this book is set in a time before Christ and before most scripture (save the book of Job) has been written, many Biblical passages are quoted by the characters as their own thoughts of God.

-Romance:  None.

-Blasphemy/Profanity(Exodus 20:7):  None

-Era (historical time period):  2200-2000 BC

-Gospel Given:  Yes.  As well as it could be without mentioning Jesus- He hadn’t been born at that time.

Final thoughts or comments:
  This book was just as wonderful, if not more, than the first in this series. The fast-paced paced scenes, and ever developing characters, continued to keep me turning pages.  I really enjoyed getting to know the character of Fergus more in this book- he seems to take more of a lead role. 
  The theme of redemption, God's love, resounds through this book- especially at the climax toward the ending which I would like to share but I must refrain so as to not spoil the book for you!
 Again, what a blessing it is to have such God-glorifying literature that I can hand to my younger brothers and sisters- or even my friends with no worries!

If you are unfamiliar with The Peleg Chronicles, click here to see the review of Book One: The Foundlings.

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