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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Book Review: Sweet Journey

Name of Book:  Sweet Journey
Author: Teri Maxwell
Format: Softcover
Genre: Non-Fiction, Christian Living
Overall Rating: 5 stars

  This fabulous book, Sweet Journey, is a down-to-earth devotional guide through the different aspects of your walk with Jesus.  Mrs. Maxwell takes you through the concepts of daily Bible reading, prayer, scripture memory, and keeping a verse notebook, revealing their importance in your own sweet journey- and practical ways that they can be established.  Her advice is so fundamental- but it seems to be exactly what women of our culture need a midst the hundreds of thousands of distractions and directions which we are pulled each day.
  Her practical ways really blessed me- "This is doable!".  Her gentle speech shone through- even through black and white text on a page it felt as though she were sitting next to me, explaining each thing, speaking softly and encouraging me.  I would encourage all women- young and old- to read this book!

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