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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Book Review: Falsely Accused in the High Sierras

Author:  Frederick Vining Fisher
Format:  Hardcover
Ages: 10-12+
Overall Rating: 5 stars

  It was an ordinary day out in the Old West when the stage arrived- late as usual- into the once thriving city of Gold Town, now a sleepy small town. But instead of carrying the ever-expected and never-appearing "big wigs" that the townspeople always hoped for, this time it carried within it a young pale-faced, blue-eyed boy.  The poor motherless thing was trying to find his father, who had left the boy and his mother in the far East to go West in search of fortune.  But alas!  the man never returned for the poor wife and son, but died in a drunken fight right there in Gold Town.  Now the boy, whose mother's health had not survived the  journey to California, was all alone in the world.
  Here begins the tale of Jeb Teale Malden.  After being taken in by local Andrew Malden, Jeb begins a different life than the one he had led for his previous twelve years- one his mother would have been devastated to hear that her boy took part in. Soon, at sixteen, Jeb finds himself in need of the Savior's love and falls into the welcoming arms of grace.
  For the next few years, as Jeb works hard to please his Savior, temptations and tribulations arise.  As Jeb overcomes them by the power of the Holy Spirit, he is a witness and a testimony to more people than he knows.  But when tragedy strikes and he is accused of a heinous crime of which he had no part in- can he still maintain his faith in God Almighty?  Will he trust in Him even if to the end?

-Worldview:  Christian

-Character Qualities:  Integrity, Honesty, Forgiveness, Trust

-Romance:  Minor.  Characters are clearly in love with one another but no physical affection of any kind takes place, nor any "love" dialogue.

-Blasphemy/Profanity(Exodus 20:7):  None

-Era (historical time period):  Late 1800s

-Genre:  Historical Fiction

-Gospel Given:  Yes

  This was a fabulous book.  I was glued to it and finished it in a matter of two days- it could have been less but I had to finish it well- not rush the ending.  :-)  
  I really liked how the book did not dwell on the life of Jeb before he became a Christian- his drinking, hatred, and other sin- but instead dwelt more on the facts of, after he repented of his immorality, how he rose above the temptations of this world.  How he conquered sin with mighty valor, yet showed tender meekness towards his enemies.  I was inspired as I read about the lives that he touched through his simple faith and trust in Jesus- how just by being His witness, much can be accomplished for the Kingdom.
  Reading about his terrible trial and his beautiful faith- his glorious trust in his Savior- how he traversed his own Calvary leaning on the arm of Jesus, brought tears to my eyes (that's saying something- I rarely ever cry at books!).  I encourage you to read this book- it is indeed a jewel in my library waiting to be placed in the hands of my children one day!

I read the version published by Lamplighter Publishing.  This company kindly edits and/or removes blasphemy, profanity, and other offensive or theologically incorrect statements from the original books, therefore I cannot vouch for any other version or publication of this book in this review.

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