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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Book Review: Hostage Lands

Name of book:  Hostage Lands
Author:  Douglas Bond
Format:  Soft Cover
Ages: 10+
Overall Rating: 4 stars
Brief Synopsis:
When Neil Perkins, a reluctant student studying Latin, stumbles onto some ancient Roman tablets (written in Latin!) his fire for learning is kindled by the mystery behind them.  As he works tediously for days and late into some nights he uncovers the story of a Roman centurion under the command of tyranny- right in the middle of a hostile war between Romans and Celts.  When the centurion, Rusticus, finds out about a tyrannical and selfish move on account of his superiors that could cost him his life, his life is never the same again.    

-Worldview:  Since most of the tale is told from Rusticus’ point of view, being a heathen Roman, several mentions of pagan gods are mentioned.  Another character in the story is a Christian and the gospel is presented.

-Character Qualities:  Loyalty, Perseverance, Trust

-Romance:  Barely any (two characters that are hardly ever seen together get married in the end.)

-Blasphemy/Profanity(Exodus 20:7):  None

-Era (historical time period):  100-300 AD

-Genre:  Historical Fiction

-Gospel Given:  Yes

Final thoughts or comments:
  This book was very interesting to say the least.  It did take me a little while to “get into it” but that might be because of the fact that I am a girl and prefer drama to sword-fighting ;-)
  I did not like very much that although the Gospel was given, the main character did not seem to be converted- you assume that he was, but there was no turning point.
  The author has an excellent writing style, (although he did seem to really enjoy using the word “din” more than was necessary ;-) ) He is descriptive and skillful- his writing reminded me of that which I read in old books- not “easy” reads, but very “meaty”.  

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  1. Hi, Amy.

    Taylor and D. L. have both read the book and enjoyed it. D. L. has read other books by Douglas Bond as well.

    Thank you for your book review.

    Mrs. Beth