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Monday, March 5, 2012

Music Monday {Choose Life}

Hello, my friends!
I'm sorry to not have posted in a whole week- our family has been so busy (y'all must be pretty tired of hearing me say that but it's true!) and computer time has not been at the top of the priority list :-)

When I got on blogger this morning I noticed that Trinka over at Amazing Love had a "Music Monday" post...  while I was at a loss of what to post today I thought that this was brilliant idea and figured I would follow suit.

I love music.  Music is a part of me.  Music has always been a part of me.
When I hear a song, I'm generally not listening to the instrumental part of it like most people.  Ever since I can remember I have focused on the lyrics of the songs.  My dad was playing some old songs by DC Talk, Big Tent Revival, and Salvador that I used to hear him blast on the stereo when I was 7 and I chuckled  remembering some of my childish thoughts triggered by some of the lyrics.  So interesting how music can take you back- even just to a crisp spring day with the windows and doors open, cleaning the house while the music reverberates off of the walls.  Those are my memories- and I love 'em.  :-)

This is a song that my dad used to listen to a lot- and I remember watching the music video more than once- (ahem- back in the "day"- please don't judge me by this 90's video!) and we have since started playing it for ProLife events.  I remember it almost every time I see one of those "Choose Life" license plates...

Big Tent Revival 
"Choose Life"

Did you listen to the lyrics? :-)

Have a lovely Monday!


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  1. Some of my favorite songs are from the 90's :) And those lyrics are pretty powerful! I don't mind at all you using it, I'm glad you liked the idea! {though, mine are sort of based off Miss Raquel's 'Music Video Monday'} :)