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Monday, March 12, 2012

Book Review: A is for Adam

Author: Ken and Mally Ham
Publisher: Master Books
Genre: Children Nonfiction, Children Bible Study, Creation
Ages: 3-11
Page Count: 80
Format: Hardcover, stand-up

  What a neat resource! This book A is for Adamis a series of rhymes taking you from (obviously) “A” is for “Adam” all the way to “Z” is for “Zip” while portraying the gospel in a simple, colorful, and child-friendly manner. Each verse has it's own color illustration with an entire page of discussion points, questions, and simple activities to do. For you (as the parent or older sibling :-) ) there are more in-depth notes in the back.
  I loved the points that were made in the book- how it was all tied back to the gospel- down to when God “made” clothes for Adam and Eve from animal skins, that was the first “sacrifice” to cover their sin, how the ark portrayed salvation, and more! How wonderful that we can plant seeds like these into little minds to get them thinking- I love it.

Is it Informative? Definitely

Overall child friendly? Five stars

  -Simple to understand? Definitely
  -Capture Attention? OK
  -Clean? Yes

Faith Building? Definitely

Accuracy? Excellent

Illustrations? Three stars
{Simple, colorful, and child-friendly}

Writing Style: Average

Blasphemy/Profanity? No

Worldview: Thoroughly Christian

Quality of cover, binding: Average

Gospel Message? Yes

Good Repute Rating: Five stars

Final Thoughts or Comments: This is a great book for what it is intended.  However, in the printing that I received I noticed quite a few typos/grammatical errors.  I hope that in future editions that these can be corrected- other than that it is an excellent resource!

Purchase here!

I received this book for free from New Leaf Publishing in exchange for my own honest opinion.

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  1. Hi, Amy! Our family owns this book (an older printing) and have enjoyed it as well!
    I enjoyed your review!
    May the Lord bless your day!
    Mrs. Beth