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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Photos of the Practice Cake

Ok, I said I might so here I will... :)

I'm not very impressed- I feel as though the icing is too yellow (on account of using butter instead of 100% shortening) or it looks too slimy or something....  I can't quiet figure out what I don't like about it but after these photos were taken we started experimenting with the flowers we got for the cake and I liked it much better... sorry, no photos!

(Sorry the photos are so yellow- the lighting in our kitchen isn't the best for photography ;) )

That's with the second tier on...

Putting the border around the third tier...

And there you have it!

I still can't put my finger on what I don't like about it so much... hmmmm

You may notice flecks and crumbs in the icing- if this concerns you (as it did my mom) worry not!  It is only because I wasn't as careful about no crumbs in the icing as usual- I basically just wanted to try out the consistencies of the different icings, how well it stacked, etc. and wasn't worried about crumbs like I will be on Friday. (yikes!)

Alright- done with cake until tomorrow- a small 24 hour break from cake... :)

Today's mission:  Experimentation with my uncle's Canon EOS 5D that he wants me to use for the wedding photos.

Tough work, huh?

Actually seriously, this thing is HUGE! (the one in the picture looks tiny in comparison)  And a bit intimidating ;)

Because of the extra battery pack and bigger lens on it weighs like 3 times what my Xsi weighs!  Pray for wrist strength for me- that I might make it through Saturday without my hand falling off... :)

Maybe I'll post some photos from my little experiment tomorrow...



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