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Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Cake Day One!

Day one.

Today I am going to bake the cakes and make the various kinds of icings-

thin consistency for the filling, crumb and final layers, and medium for all my decorations.

(I'll post the recipe soon- hang tight!)

(I apologize for the terrible lighting in our kitchen- just bear with me please!  :)  )

You can't see all the cake mixes or the bags of powdered sugar in the photos but there are 6 mixes and 4 bags of sugar (and I'm having Momma pick up some more- eek!)...

You can probably see that the eggs have "reserved" written on them... hee hee!

Yes- I know, I know- nothing that I am using is natural, organic, or any other type of "healthier" choice.  I wish that it could be "better for you" but (a)I don't want anything to get messed up with weird consistencies or flavors that come from inexperience in working with that kind of thing, and (b) how many times in your life do you eat wedding cake?  A teensy bit of GMO ain't gonna kill you, right?  :)  (I can hear the gasps...)

Oh well... I'm off to don my adorable black, white, and pink apron (yay!) and sneakers (my feet kill me on the tile when I work in the kitchen all day!) and start my long day in the kitchen.  But first things first- I'm making these for breakfast before any cakes get made :)

I'll let ya know how things go ;)

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