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Monday, September 26, 2011

180 Movie

I believe it was back in early August that we found out that "180" was coming out.  It was right after Operation Save America and about during the time that we were evaluating our place in the "Prolife" movement.  After I watched the trailer I could not wait- I did not like having to wait a more than a whole month to watch the film!

What had changed those people's pro-choice views so quickly?

Today is the day that it comes out- you can watch the entire thing (only 33 minutes- so no excuses that you don't have the time!) for free online here.

We watched it last night on YouTube (because it was technically Sept 26 in other parts of the world :)  ) and loved it- we almost watched it two times in a row ( my 12-year-old sister Melody said we should watch it over and over 'til we memorize it :P ).  We were afraid of being "let down" because of all the build up of the trailer but we were not disappointed by any means!

***I do want to warn younger children- let your parents watch and/or evaluate the film before you watch it.  There are some graphic images that they may or may not want you to see***

Don't waste any time- watch it as soon as possible and pass it on to as many friends as you can!

God surely seems to have His hand on this thing...  :-)

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