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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Book Review: Take Back the Land (and another giveaway!)

Name: Take Back the Land
Author: Rick Boyer
Format: Softcover
Pages: 253
Ages: 14+

  Wow.  This is one of the most amazing books that I have ever read in my life. (And I've read a lot of books!)

  Rick Boyer is sending a message out to my generation.  Be homeschooled or not, Mr. Boyer has a challenge for us:  Take back the land.
  Through his book Mr. Boyer shows us the problems going on in our country- he reveals how they are contrary to not only the Word of God but also to the way that our forefathers originally intended this country to be.
  But first (this was my favorite part) he exhorts us to "grow up".  "Don't waste your youth" is the title of the chapter in which Mr. Boyer basically tells us that he is not going to talk down to us, we are adults and he is going to treat us as such.  No childish behavior or short attention spans allowed- how can you impact the world if you are still sucking on a bottle?  The world glorifies youth.  It encourages us to "never grow up".  I want to encourage you- "Grow up!" Be responsible, show the world that you aren't an "Angry Birds" champion - you are an adult that holds responsibility and is careful with his/her time.  You would rather change the world for the better then be satisfied with mediocrity.
  Mr. Boyer goes on to reveal to us that we are the "Joshua Generation".  Those before us (the "Moses Generation") led us out of Egypt- out of slavery- we were given the rights to be homeschooled.  These rights were bought with an incredible price- Mr. Boyer attests to this with some of his own history.  But now, as my generation is entering the Promised Land, there are foes that have risen up and taken over.  God has called us, as He called the Israelites, to wipe them out- one at a time.
  On to more practical points, Mr. Boyer in the remaining chapters goes into specific detail on the problems in different areas of our nation, Education, Media, Family, Church, and more.  At the closing of each chapter he does not leave us hanging our heads ("woe is me!")- he shows us a practical way that we can be the solution in our land and bring about positive change.

 I was incredibly encouraged by this book!  It was well-written, though sometimes a lot to take in therefore a challenge to read- but it was exactly the wake-up call that I believe my generation needs.  I was so blessed to be able to read about the specific problems, how they occurred, and how they can be solved.  I wasn't even finished with it yet and I was recommending it to everyone!

  Thank you, Mr. Boyer, for such an encouragement to my generation!  I was so blessed by your book- and I pray that others in my generation will feel the same that we might rise up as one...

So are you loving what you hear so far?
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I received this book from New Leaf Publishing at no charge in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I can't wait to read this! Any Moms out there, you WANT your children to read this! I love how it's inspired Amy and want all of my children to read it! My eleven year old son is itching to read it next so I guess I'll have to wait!

    (Amy's mom)