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Friday, June 29, 2012

book review: Nathan's Story

Hello, my dear friends!  

I once again have the wonderful opportunity to share a lovely little children's book with you...

Name of book: Nathan's Story

Author:  Michael J. McHugh
Format:  Hard Cover
Ages: 1+
Overall Rating: 5 stars

 This book, Nathan's Storyis a sweet and simple to understand retelling of the story which the prophet Nathan came and told King David illustrating the error of the king's way.  The story of the rich man and his abundance of wealth- his fields of sheep, his grand house, and many servants- in contrast to the story of the poor man- a widower with his two little sons barely getting enough to eat- but whose delight was the little lamb that he and his sons cherished as a pet.  
 The opposite lives of the two men collide when the rich man is visited by a traveling friend and he wants to feed him a good meal- the problem is, he doesn't want the expense...

 The tale woven is one of greed and envy- but ultimately resulting in brokenness and redemption. 

The book is divided up into six short chapters, each with their own teaching guide- a type of devotional with scripture passages to think about concerning what was read.

-Worldview: Christian.

-Character Qualities: Contentment, Brokenness 

Final thoughts or comments:
  I was thrilled reading this book as I saw the sweet illustrations, the simple language, and the ratio of words to page- it was sheer brilliance!  As you all know, I have 8 younger siblings and have quite a frustration when the 3-year-old gets bored looking at the same illustration for 5 minutes as I'm trying to get through the second or third paragraph on the page! What a pleasant surprise to see that Mr. McHugh did a fabulous job capturing the perfect balance for those sweet little attention spans. 
  The devotionals in the back of the book are good and biblical- helping to reach into the Word and reveal what God says about the problems that arise for the characters in each chapter. My only apprehension with them is that they may be a bit tiresome for younger children- but definitely a blessed resource for children (and adults!) that can understand.

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