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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

this summer...

Hello, my dear friends!

A week or so ago I had the blessed privilege of volunteering at the Lamplighter Publishing booth during our state's annual homeschool conference.  I had a wonderful time- talking about books- all day- for two days- <insert angels singing, "Hallelujah Chorus"> and working with awesome people!

 I had the opportunity to meet Mark Hamby, the president of Lamplighter Ministries, and work side by side with him.  On the last day, before I went home, he prayed over me with my family for my future, and he encouraged me to start praying about coming to the Lamplighter Guild this summer.  I had been thinking about it- not very long because the price seemed too high for me- but now I decided to do just as he said, really seriously pray about it.

I am convinced that the Lord has His hand on the Lamplighter Guild and that I will be majorly benefited  and educated by attending.  Our family has been really pressing in on working on our family ministry- which I have been so "hush hush" about with you all- and it fits right into the vision.

Over the past couple of years our family has really been developing our musical gifts- singing together for nursing homes and in front of abortion mills.  At the same time we began a commitment to read the Bible together every day as a family.  Our dream is to encourage fellow believers in the faith with our music and by other means, to spend more time together as families- to read together, the Bible and good Christian literature, to bring them closer together.  Lamplighter books have made such a blessed impact upon our family that we are now selling them ourselves (more on that later) and we hope to someday soon create little skits and hopefully plays based on the books.

Before I say any more- what is the Lamplighter Guild?

"The Lamplighter Guild for Creative Disciplines is an entrepreneurial platform whereby masters will mentor apprentices through passionate, creative, and compelling instruction, motivating each lea rner to cultivate a high level of excellence in order to uniquely reflect the image of God in their work and life."

The event is taking place from July 15-20, 2012 at the Mohonk Mountainhouse in Catskills, New York.

I'm hoping to go to the Guild to study the Dramatic Arts- especially script writing and musical composition.  I feel that these lessons would benefit me greatly for my father's ministry and encourage me in the direction of ultimately my Father's business by using the skill and talents with which He has bestowed me.

I am very excited about this and pray that the Lord will provide a way for me to attend this year.

I covet your prayers as I pursue this venture- that the Lord's will be done!

The financial barrier is the only thing that stands in the way- for the cost is $1950 and it is due by June 15th.  I had not considered attending the Guild until recently and this is why I have not been able to save sufficient funds.  I have applied for and been approved of a scholarship which covers part- but I am still in quite a great need of the rest.

I do not want to ask for you to give me money- I want to work hard for it!  That is why I have joined the Lamplighter Affiliate program.  Any purchase that you make from Lamplighter Publishing using my special code, 30% commission will go towards my tuition.

My Code: GUILD66

In addition to this I am using all of the profits from my Etsy store from now until June 15th to go towards my tuition.  

If I am unable to raise sufficient funds my June 15th then I plan on continuing to save so that I might go next year- but you never know what God may do in the meantime....  :-)

As I said, I covet your prayers!

So, do you need some suggestions on which books or audio dramas to buy?

Start here:
(click the images to be directed!)

This book my family read together- we loved it!
"This first book of the Lamplighter Rare Collector Series continues to be a best-seller. James, the king's gardener, teaches his 15-year-old daughter Mary all the principles of godliness through his flowers. She is falsely accused of stealing, and the penalty is death. Mary remembers her father had taught her: that it is better to die for the truth than to live for a lie, and that the worst pillow to sleep on is the pillow of a guilty conscience! This story will change your life forever!"

*Update: I had to add this book (below)- I couldn't believe I had forgotten it!  :-) *
One of the most inspiring books that I have ever read!  Ask any of my friends- this book is one of my top 3 favorite books...
"You will never read a story that is more inspiring and challenging than Ishmael. The heights of success achieved by this young man reveal little of the utter poverty into which he was born. He entered life motherless and poor, and despite the wishes of everyone around, he survived and flourished in his paltry environment. His commitment to character and integrity and his singular focus on preserving his mother’s name gave his life focus and purpose. His perseverance and determination to educate himself in law gave him the opportunity to influence the highest levels of government. E.D.E.N. Southworth captures the rich panorama of sights and sounds in rural Maryland in the decades prior to the Civil War. When you reach the end, don’t despair!—the drama continues in the sequel, Self-Raised!"

Everyone who has read this book says how much they love it- at the conference I described it as basically everything you could want in a novel wrapped up into one- mystery, suspense, a bit of romance, comedy...  
"Reader, beware! Once you begin this novel, you will not be able to put it down! The Hidden Hand is strewn with mystery and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. You will find yourself laughing aloud at some of Capitola's antics. But don't let her feisty, mischievous character and Old Hurricane's cantankerous personality derail you from seeing the gracious providence of an all-wise God. His hidden hand can be seen at work in the most difficult situations. The Hidden Hand is the book to reach for if you're looking for a good dose of drama and adventure!"

This is one of my absolute FAVORITES...  Based on an actual historical mystery, this novel is like a historical Hidden Hand!

"This suspenseful, historical novel takes place during the period when France's King Louis XIV renounces the Edict of Nantes and declares Protestantism illegal. Tolerance is a thing of the past, and we find a band of Huguenot refugees bravely facing one narrow escape after another. But the peril of the tumultuous seas is the least of their worries‚--little do they know what terrors lie ahead! Even through the kidnapping and endless corruption, they stand firm and confident in the providence of God.

Prisoners of the Sea gives little relief from its unyielding tension and suspense, but the jaw-dropping revelation doesn‚'t come until the very last chapter!"

The very first Lamplighter book that I ever read...  Gerty's loyalty to Willie is something that has been mentioned more than once in our home as an example us about how we should love one another.  A sweet story- until you get pulled with the suspense towards the end!

"You'll soon discover why The Lamplighter outsold The Scarlet Letter ten to one in 1850! In fact, Nathaniel Hawthorne was livid about the moral truths presented in The Lamplighter, which overshadowed his attempt to influence society with a secular worldview. In this poignant novel, Gerty stands alone in the fearfully cold night until the old lamplighter sees what others cannot. Simple in mind but not in heart, he takes on the role of father and protector. His blind friend tempers the rough edges of Gerty's heart, as she becomes the instrument that God uses to open the eyes of the blind and bring light to those whose hearts have been scarred by life's dark moments. This story left such an impression on my life that I decided to name our ministry Lamplighter!"

I read this book myself and cried- even though my sister had already given away the ending!  My dad read it aloud to us- guess what?  I cried again....  such a sweet story :-)
"It takes unwavering courage to withstand the power of peer pressure, especially when it requires standing alone. Geoffrey's demonstration of true friendship and faith knows no bounds. The ridicule and taunting he endures does not prevent him from risking his life for the safety of his “friends.” But when he must face the ultimate challenge, will Geoffrey have the strength to remain true to the last?"

This audio drama is definitely one of the best that they have made- one of my favorites- the lesson is so simple yet sometimes so hard to follow...

"In a breathtaking story based on Psalm 32, David Aspinall is searching for something. Deep in his heart he longs for something better than home. The inheritance of the family farm just isn't enough to fill his longing for wealth and adventure. As the seeds of discontent take root, David makes a choice from which there may be no return. As he wakes one day in the desert of Africa, scorched by the sun and allured by a mirage, he begins to see what he was so blind to before. His father's parting words echo in his mind: Sometimes, one must lose what he has in order to gain what he needs. Is it too late for David to gain what he needs the most? Is there still time to return? The Wanderer is an epic drama that will powerfully influence its listeners to be "guided by His eye" in order to see that the greatest treasures in life are usually found at home."

The beautiful allegories in this audio drama inspire me...  my favorite scene was about the Keeper of the Well, how even those who are never recognized for their great deeds here on earth will be rewarded by God in heaven...

"Deep into the Vale of Promise ventures a young knight, Sir Constant, who desires nothing more than to be in service of the Great King. Though unworthy of this high calling, he sets forth on the perilous road that all who desire to serve the King must take -- the Splendid Way. His heart, courage, valour, and faith will be tested. His strength and endurance will be challenged. And his allegiance to the one true King will be proven.
Lamplighter Theatre presents this classic allegorical tale -- richly dramatized, scored with breathtaking music, and wrought with biblical truth. In a class all its own, Sir Knight of the Splendid Way will awaken your heart to this powerful truth: 'In the name of the King, I can do all!'"

...anyway- I hope that can help you in getting started!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions- about Lamplighter books, the Guild- anything!

Images and book descriptions copyright Lamplighter Ministries.


  1. That's awesome, Amy! So glad you'll be attending and that we'll all get to see you again there. Hey everyone...buy books from her!
    Michael Schroeder

    1. Thanks, Michael.... if not this year then hopefully next year! :-)

  2. I love seeing another journey move forward. I will definitely be praying for you Amy and your family as you press onward.
    Sending hugs!
    Mrs. W

    1. Thanks, Mrs. W- it really means a lot to me that you went through that word verification to leave this comment ;-)

      Love you :-D

    2. You know I'm just teasing right?!?!? :-D

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    1. I know, I know- there, I added it!

      (you haven't even finished it yet- how do you know you like it? :P)

  4. Amy this would be such a wonderful step for you! I'll be praying for you, and I'm heading over to your Etsy shop to look around. :)

    Kathy Charest

  5. You're so sweet! I don't have a huge abundance of items out there at the moment... but it's a start :-)

  6. I can't believe you didn't put True to the Last! Loyalty!

    1. Ok, Momma- I added it- is there anything ELSE that my family wants to remind me of????? :-D

  7. I hope you go Amy...will be praying!