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Saturday, June 23, 2012

audio review: The White Gypsy

Hello, my dear friends!

  Oh my, I just finished listening to the very last episode of The White Gypsy audio drama last night.  Hmm... maybe I should start over.
  The White Gypsy is a tale that begins with a delightful little train ride in which a young mother and her two young sons, Willie, aged six, and Dickie, a few years younger, were traveling in the white of winter.  Their father was in poor health, riding in a separate part of the train...  

Willie was making pleasant and entertaining conversation with one of the fellow passengers when the unexpected happened.  The train wrecked, scattering people in every direction onto the snow, Willie being one of them.  The mother and Dickie were still safe within the confines of the train car, but when the father found Willie, no pulse was to be found.  He was left as dead while the injured passengers were cared for.
  As a gypsy woman and her husband were passing by, they couldn't help but notice the beautiful  and valuable buttons found on the dead boy's coat.  For fear of being caught, taking too long stealing the boy's jacket, the gypsies pick him up and carry him to their camp.  It was there that Willie was accidentally revived- he was alive!
  When the poor father came back to the spot where his boy lay so as to carry him off to his final resting place he was distraught to discover that the body was gone!  After searching everywhere, asking others who had helped with other bodies and injured passengers, checking the morgue, the father- knowing how distressed his wife would be at the thought of her boy's death much less that his body was missing and knowing that his own death was near- decided to confide this information to one person.  He gave a key to his desk drawer to Major Sartoris, if Willie were ever to be found, there was a letter to him, and all the information surrounding his disappearance.
  Meanwhile Willie was living with the gypsies, his blonde hair and fair skin being dyed dark, his body being vilely drugged constantly that he might not remember his former life.  He was forced to sing and beg for money- but God used that shameful occupation to open an unexpected door that led to many more over ten years- that ultimately led him home.
  I read the book a year or so ago and it was fabulous- I listened to the audio drama and it was fantastic!  Most of the cast was perfectly chosen, the acting was superb- George's part was probably our favorite...  One thing that did bother me a bit though, was the parts outside the story- the scenes in Finnian Jones' "Exploratorium".  They were a little cheesy for my taste- and they seemed to disrupt the "effect" at the very end.  These scenes though, take up so little of the audio drama that they are barely worth mentioning- the story in it's remembrance was amazing and beautiful.

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