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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A New Idea...

Ah, pleasant thoughts of bright, fresh prints, smooth fabrics, free tutorials, and what-would-i-ever-do-without-them patterns swirl through my head.

What you are seeing, my friends, is the direct result of my "fever".   My closest friends know it well... I get crazy excited about a certain project or subject, I furiously work and work and work at it- then after a little while I realize the "impracticality" of it (that I just couldn't see before) and move on to the next subject.  Yep- that's about how it goes with me... that is probably why I know how to do a little bit of pretty much everything but I can't say I'm good at any of it...  ;)

Sewing is my current passion- Etsy has inspired me...

Has anyone seen camera strap covers?  I saw a friend with one once but until I saw the ones on Etsy I wasn't too concerned about them!  Check this one out.  (Sorry- I don't want to infringe on any copyrights- that's why I didn't put the photo on here)  Isn't that ADORABLE?  Did you see the PRICE?  Do you know how much I can make that for?

So I got looking around- I wanted to figure it out myself but then I figured I'd check it anybody already had a tutorial out there... sure enough...

Here are three tutorials on how to make camera strap covers:



http://thecottagehome.blogspot.com/2010/08/gathered-camera-strap-cover-tutorial.html      (I love this one!!!)

If you love photography and you love to "accessorize" (like me ;) )  then you need to make one of these (like me)!

Anyway... that's what's been going on inside my brain recently...


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