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Monday, August 1, 2011

It's the Little Things...

Yes, I am finally back :)

A couple of weeks ago my family and I attended Operation Save America's national event in Orlando, FL.

The week went beautifully- we witnessed at least one baby that was saved.  I will be writing more on this later but I wanted to share this little faith building story...

UCF was one of the places that we went to share the truth of the gospel, the truth about abortion, and to get Personhood petitions signed.   We went there a few times during the week but the particular day I'm talking about was Wednesday...

It was a HOT day...  we were all sweaty, thirsty (the water bottles we brought weren't very refreshing tepid), and dog tired.  Momma promised James a special drink.  Most of you already know this but our family drinks water exclusively- rarely do we ever drink anything like juice or soda- so when Momma promised this to James he wasn't going to let her forget!

It was lunchtime and we all hopped into the van to go get something to eat before going home to relax and freshen up before the night rally.  We were driving around until we found a Checkers and went to the drive thru.  (Ok, normally we do not do fast food it's - so bad for you!- but this week was an exception ;) )  Daddy ordered burgers and a few fries and drove through- knowing that we had water bottles for drinks.   James piped up, "What about drinks?!?"  Momma remembered her promise.  "Oh!  Sorry, sweetie, maybe we will get something on the way to the rally tonight- I forgot..."  He was satisfied with that answer- he knew he would get it- eventually.

We got up to the window and a middle aged man inside took the payment and told us that we would have to wait a little while so to pull around to the parking lot and they would bring it out to us.  (I guess it might take some time to prepare 10 burgers at once)  As he handed back the receipt he glanced into the back of our 15-passenger van.  I'm not sure if he could see the sweat, the grime, or the exaustion but...

"You have a lot of kids back there, eh?"  Momma grinned and said, "We have 9 childen."  He nodded (wheels were turning) "Ok, you guys pull around and I'll see about 9 surprises."

We waited- what seemed like a half hour- and someone came out with our food.  We figured the kind man must have forgotten so we didn't worry about it and began to pull out.  As we neared the exit we saw the man with two drink trays and a few extra cups on top.  I couldn't help grinning- like really, really wide.  as he gave them to Daddy he said, "Any time you come by here I'll make sure your kids are taken care of."

As we passed them out we discovered to everyone's delight (we would have been happy with just ice water at that point!) that each of the 9 small cups contained Sprite.  Violet, having apparently never had it before, dubbed it "spicy water".   :)

As we drove away I asked James, "Who do you think told that man that you wanted a special drink?"

God did.  He knew that we had been working hard all that morning in obedience to His Word.  He knew that we where hot and sweaty, He knew we were all tired, He knew that we needed a little faith building.  So He sent it- in the smallest for that nobody else would have really considered.    He told that man, "You take care of those children- they are Mine and they have been about My business today."

I am planning on writing more on the subject of that wonderful week but I figure that is enough for now.  Be encouraged that God does see all- He does care about even the little things...

"You have enclosed me behind and before, and laid Your hand upon me.  Such knowledge is too wonderful for me..."

Psalm 139:5-6a

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