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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's been going on around here....


It feels good to sit down at the computer with a cup of coffee.  But as my mind is flooded with ideas of cupcakes, spinach artichoke dip, a lawn that needs mowing, a house that needs cleaning, a party that needs to be thrown tomorrow, laundry .... need I say more?  my bliss is beginning to dissipate...  Ah well, that's life ;)

I figured that you all might enjoy an update on what has been going on in our neck of the woods... er, suburbs.

First of all, I didn't post anything yesterday because it was Daddy's birthday and I slept in... sorry :)

Last Saturday we went to two abortion mills in Orlando and met some new people...  what a blessing it was to meet such faithful saints!  One family has been going to that particular mill every Friday and Saturday for SEVEN YEARS!  Praise God for His remnant...

You may be wondering why in the world spinach artichoke dip is on my mind right now.  Well, we are hosting a party tomorrow for my sister, Emma, and her two friends, Gracia and Gabby, for their birthdays last month.  We have been "talking" about doing a party for years now, and we finally took the plunge this year :)  Therefore on my list (to go on the "mom's menu") is to make spinach artichoke dip.  Mystery solved :-D  (that explains the cupcakes too)

Over the last couple of weeks we have been furiously organizing and cleaning our house in preparation for the upcoming school year.  Re-organizing bedrooms, the wall unit that houses all of our school supplies, the computer desk area (Momma, it's is SO nice to work at now, thanks! :) ), and we aren't done yet- still more left to do and only a couple more weeks to do it...

As the summer comes to a close and my favorite half of the year begins- I realize that there are only four and a half more months left in the year... 2011 is more than half over... What am I going to get accomplished in these remaining months?

My mind is a full- in case you couldn't tell ;)

What has been going on at your house?

(I think I'm going to create a new tag for posts such as these... called "Ramblings" :) )

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