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Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Baby Saved!

Wow... God is so amazing... even when we don't realize what He is doing at first...

We were standing outside one of our local clinics bright and early last Saturday morning with the R. family and Ms. Beth G. and we saw a young girl and her mother (among others) walk into that place of destruction and death.

Praying, singing, preaching our hearts away- we were encouraged to see one (other) young lady hardly set foot in the door before she turned on her heel and bee-lined it for her car.  Her boyfriend lagged behind her- What are you doing? said the look on his face.  We don't know their story- they drove straight away- but we believe that God worked through us to bring that young lady to an understanding of what she was doing.

After an hour or so we kept seeing the mother of the first young girl walking in and out of the mill.  Mr. R. kept trying to speak to her as she passed by but to no avail. We hadn't noticed until later that the girl had come with not only her mother but a friend (with children) and her father.

Still we stood, the friend left- probably thinking it to be hopeless at that point.  The father of the girl left as well.  We plugged along, not wavering, singing to those sitting smoking in front of the door, preaching to them.

We hadn't noticed but the friend had returned.  The girl and her mother started walking out the door and down the brick path that led to the sidewalk which in turn would lead to their car.  Mr. R. started speaking to her, encouraging her in her decision.  "Thank you for choosing life!"  he said to her.  He asked if we could pray over her, she nodded.  He invited her mother to join but she waved us off and kept walking to the car.  Hmm....

After we had surrounded and prayed for her, praising God for her decision, Daddy, Momma, and Mr. R, walked her to her mother's car.  They continued to speak to her, encouraging her, all the while she had remained silent except for the fact to tell them her name, Rhoani, and I guess that she was 16 years old.  The children and I prayed at our van- this was a war- something told us that she wasn't really sure about her decision.  I could feel an uneasiness...

I saw Mr. R. go to his truck and pull out a gift bag.  I turned around to tend to my brothers and sisters.  Next time I turned around and Rhoani was being led by her father into the clinic.  (Not dragged- she seemed willing enough)  What?!?!? cried my heart.  Is it my fault???  Did I not pray hard enough? In her hand was a pro-life pamphlet.  She had all the information- her father had all the information- they knew what they were doing.

With heavy hearts my family and I knew it was time to go- actually past the time that we were supposed to leave.  We knew that God was at work- even though we could not see it at the first.  We packed up the strollers and buckled everybody in.  We left for our local Planned Parenthood.  Mr. R. was going to meet us there after dropping his boys off.

At planned Parenthood we were so blessed to be greeted by so many smiling faces.  The week before there had only been one woman and her son- this week at least five to eight people!

As we once again sang, prayed, preached, there was no response- not even negative.

When Mr. R. arrived (an hour or so later) he told us the wonderful news that after seeing the ultrasound Rhoani changed her mind and really did leave!  Her father said that it was her decision and it seemed that after being so cold and hard that his heart was changed as well...

[caption id="attachment_376" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Rhoani, her father, and Mr. R."][/caption]

God is good!

"And we know that God works all things together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose."

Romans 8:28


Please be in prayer on behalf of Rhoani, her baby, and her parents.  That He will provide for that baby as well as reveal Himself to them- that they might be saved.  Pray that the church that she is attending would come alongside her and be an encouragement- to lead her onto the narrow path.


I hope that you were blessed by reading this story :)

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