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Friday, October 7, 2011

Hello, Autumn! Blog Party and Giveaway *Week 3*

*Note:  I changed the date that this giveaway ends to October 20th- the winners will be announced the 21st...  I'm sorry for any inconvenience :-) *

A Heart Surrendered

This week I decided to switch up my post- announcing this week's giveaway prize first then maybe you can guess this week's topic.  :-)

This week's sponsor is:

She has sponsored all three sets of these earrings that will be given away in one prize:




Aren't they cute?

Check out these other things in the store by clicking here!

Now- how to enter (here we go again!):

Visit Made By Lin Lin-leave a comment telling me that you did!


Leave seperate comments for each “entry.” If it says “2 entries,” leave two comments, etc.
Subscribe to my feed (at the top of the left hand sidebar) and if you are a subscriber let me know.
{3 entries}
Add the giveaway blog button to your blog’s sidebar, and leave me the link to your blog.
{2 entries}
Blog about this week’s topic and leave me the link.
{3 entries}
Blog, Tweet, or Facebook about this giveaway and leave me the link.
{3 entries per}
Add my link to your sidebar.
{2 entries}
For those with Etsy accounts, “heart" Made by Lin Lin.
{2 entries}
Purchase something from  
{10 entries}


For those of you who do not understand how this giveaway works:

Every week I will add a new giveaway- they will all end on October 20th and the winners for each giveaway will be announced on October 21th.  If you still don’t understand let me know and I’ll help ya out… :-)


Ok.... can anybody guess this week's topic?


Imagine.... it's getting chilly outside... the winds are making it so that you can no longer go outside in short sleeves and flip flops anymore.  So you go into your closet to find a sweater to slip on and find that you need a little advice in...

Fall Fashion

Yay!  Now's the time for the transition into warmer clothes: sweaters, scarves, boots, denim jackets, leggings and the like...

Now's the time that reds, oranges, browns, and creams really get to shine.


Layering, layering, layering- the key to fall and winter fashion...

This dress could be easily considered only for spring and summer but with a few layering pieces you can see that it was easily converted into a beautiful "transition" outfit.


Note how most of the outfit is made of creams with one deeply colored piece to ground the outfit along with the dark leggings and boots...

Because of the softness of the pink one could definitely get away with this outfit in the fall!


Anyway- I won't claim to be any sort of fashion expert- therefore I cannot give any advice on the exact "rules" of fall fashion-  but I hope you enjoyed the photos...  :-)


Do you have any advice on fall fashion or do you know of a website that talks abut it?  Leave me a comment and let me know!  (You can get extra entries in this week's giveaway if you blog about it!)


Did you enter last week's giveaway or the giveaway from the week before?  They all end on the 20th- so enter them all now!

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