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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Faith Like a Child

My almost-five-year-old sister, Abigail, came to me a few weeks ago tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Amy, something's w-wrong with m-me!"

Me: "What? What's the matter?"

I get on my knees next to her and put my arm around her as she continues to cry.

"I f-feel like I'm gonna throw up!"

Poor baby. I tried to comfort her, thinking she was going to- you know- and said,

"Ok, go ahead- it's gonna be all right."

Abigail: "But I drank too much water!"

Me: "You will be fine- it's okay- it just probably went down funny so it's making you feel weird."

Abigail getting more upset: "No!  Water I got out of the bathroom!"

Me: "That's okay, sweetie!"

Abigail: "No it's not!  It's bad water! We w-wash our h-hands with it!"

I proceeded to explain how the water was really just the same as we drink in our kitchen except we have a filter for our drinking water in the kitchen but that some water from the tap wouldn't hurt her.

I went on to say that I was going to pray over her to ask God to settle her stomach.  Her answer surprised me.

"I d-don't think H-He can!"

In a bit of shock I went on to explain how God can do anything and even if He doesn't do wha

t we want Him to He has a reason for it that is good for us.

So we prayed... and I turned on a short movie to get her mind off her nausea... she didn't throw up.

A little while later I said to her, "I guess God really can can't He?"


A few days ago it happened again.

"W-will you p-pray for m-me?"

I thought you'd never ask, Pumpkin.


Yesterday it happened again- but this time she came to Daddy. He picked her up and was holding her when she cryed,

"W-will you p-pray for m-me?  It always f-feels better w-when we p-pray for it!"

It's like a sweet reward- those words.  I felt so honored to be instrumental in building the faith of my little sister.

It in turn built my own.

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