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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I love Pinterest.
Like. Seriously. It's an addiction.

But what frustrates me about Pinterest is the lack of safety on their site.  I have seen  pins of things that I would never want my little brothers and sisters to see.  I have refrained from posting anything about it because of my caution of recommending it- not wishing to be responsible for any of the ugly photos you may see while perusing the site.  

So why am I saying anything about it now?

I have a solution!  ...or at least actions that can be taken to prevent the ugly obscene photos while freeing you to be able to use Pinterest as the tool it is.  

Here I wrote a wiki page on my uncle and his friend's newly upstarted forum on how to use Pinterest safely.

While you are there, register! (With your parents permission, of course!)  My uncle and his friend are trying through this forum site to create a place where people can discuss practical and Christian issues while not having to worry about cussing or inappropriate material. 

Hope you enjoy the page...

Do you have any practical tips on how to use Pinterest safely?  Perhaps I can add them to the page...

Happy Pinning!


  1. I have noticed this as well... For "safe pinterestinh" I just visit the boards of friends and fellow bloggers..theres still tons of inspiration there, even tho i didnt hafta search for it.

  2. Hi Amy! You are nominated for an Award on my blog! Hopefully you will check it out!



  3. I have started to only peruse people that I am currently following and if you follow enough people with the same interests you will have plenty to pin believe me. I also do my own searches on google and pin things myself.

  4. I love that duck picture. The second one is hilarious, but oh so true. Hahaha! :)) I totally know what ya mean! I just look at my friends pins or pin my own.