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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Book Review: Money Saving Mom's Budget

What a blessing it was that Crystal Paine sent me her book, Money Saving Mom's Budget to review- despite my low page views :-)  That alone would make me want to buy the book...

  It was so easy and enjoyable to read this book- fast-paced, to the point, understandable and doable advice.  Nothing like recycling toilet paper or aluminum foil (not that there is anything wrong with that- only that in this season of my family's life I DO NOT need seeds like that planted in my head to torture me!) but all fresh practical tips.
  Time budgeting, (and of course) money budgeting-simple, easy to follow steps to creating your own bare bones budget to start then a more in depth one.  How to plan your shopping trips, clip coupons, tips on how to have intentional "splurging", going out on the on the town for cheap (one of my faves!).
  One that was wonderfully encouraging to me was the fact of keeping an orderly and organized home- until this is accomplished you cannot try to be using any sort of money saving techniques (Can't find the black thread so go buy some- $3 down the drain...  Can't find the library books- fines building up...  Can't find this bill- late fees accumulating...). Even though we, obviously, have been striving toward the goal of over all order and organization, it gives us even more drive to hear that we can even save money through it.  ;-)
  Now we have tried doing coupons before and my mom really didn't like all the time that it took up.  But after reading Money Saving Mom's Budget , I may try taking it up again.  :-)
  The very last chapter dealt with a very  important subject that I was especially blessed by- contentment.  How wonderful to read in a financial help book what we all really need to hear, that we should be grateful for where God has us right now and not complain about how little money we have but use whatever we do have to bring Him glory through blooming right where we are planted!

What a blessing it was to be so inspired and encouraged...
  This book comes out on January 10th, 2012.

You can order it from Amazon (Paperback or Kindle Edition), Barnes and Noble, or Books A Million.

Don't forget to check out Crystal Paine's fabulous blog over at http://moneysavingmom.com/!

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