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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blogger Award

Hello, friends!

Now my throat is starting to hurt :-(  
Pray that the Lord will quickly heal me so that we can go to church tomorrow and start a "normal" routine next week ;-)

Anyway...  a day or so ago my sweet sister Melody awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award!

3) Award other blogs, and let them know in a comment/email that they have been awarded
4) Share seven random things about yourself

Here is mine!
1) Name your favorite song:
"Dear Heart" by Sanctus Real

2) Name your favorite dessert:
Whoa...I'm not sure that I can answer that so directly...  I totally <3 chocolate ;-)

3) What makes you angry:
To see or hear of people being cowardly or deceitful.

4) When you're upset:
I try to remember how much Jesus has done for me- how He handled His crucifixion when He did nothing to deserve it.

5) What's your favorite pet?
Ouch.  We have like 5 pets in the house....  I would have to say my sister Hannah's lovebird, Pippin.  I can relate to his tendency to be uptight  ;-)

6) Black or white?
White- it's so crisp and clean!

7) Biggest fear?
Hmmm...   Our internet shutting down?   (AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!  what am I gonna do?!?!?)   :-)  Jk

8) Everyday attitude?
Determined :-)

9) What is perfection?
Jesus- of course!

10) Guilty pleasure?
Enjoying a chocolate saturated brownie sundae with nuts and whipped cream on top while vegging out watching a movie :-)

7 Random Things About Me

1. I drink coffee almost every day
2. Caffeine doesn't seem to effect me.
3. I got a guitar the Christmas I turned 9 but didn't really start playing until I was 12.
4. John Newton and William Wilberforce fascinate me.
5. I love love love to sew.  (Fabric, buttons, thread, ribbon, coordinating colors....!)
6. I almost always call my siblings by pet names.  (to the point where they look at me like, "Really???")
7. I'm the only child in my family whose hair color has not changed- and the only dark headed one- for now :-)

That was interesting...

Now for my awards...

1. Lauren @ A Corner Pillar 
2. Samantha @ Simple Delights

I would give out more but my sister took em already!  

Have a fabulous day, my friends :-)


  1. Thank you for the award, Amy!

  2. I want to know the pet names. Hey you can have a game where we have to guess what pet name goes to who. LOL!

  3. Thank u amy dear!! I miss u!!! Hope u feel better soon!!
    I love u!!