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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Belated Thanksgiving :-)

Yep- the title says it all....   we were very busy this week as my cousins from up north came down for a visit and stayed through Thanksgiving Day- they left yesterday morning. 
We had a blast.
Thanksgiving was at my grandparents' and uncle's ranch so not only was there food but there were also games of "Link Tag" and music... 
I can't think about it- I may go melancholy because I miss 'em so much already...

I actually went to the Black Friday sale at Kohl's yesterday around 9 am and it worked out pretty well!  Daddy got in line while Melody and I picked up what we wanted (which they had everything by the way- go figure!) , slipped back in line, and got out of there probably within an hour I'd say!

It was fun- hoping to get out some Christmas decorations today...

How was your Thanksgiving?  Are you decorating for Christmas yet?

Have a fabulous day!


  1. Sounds fun! I love Kohls! :] Our Thanksgiving was just with our family this year and it was really awesome. We are planning on decorating for Christmas today...*grins* :)

  2. Kathy and I went Thursday night to Wal-mart in Viera and it was a mad house. But fun at the same time. LOL!
    We drove by Kohl's and Target and there was a line a mile long there.
    Have a wonderful day Amyster!

  3. We are missing you all too! SO grateful for our time together.. yet it is always too short... we are home and everyone is resting... and there is a new dining room table in my house! It seems that Erin and our neighbor were playing elf with church friends while we were gone! Kiss your siblings for me =)