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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A couple good books and some thoughts

Hello, friends!
No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth- I have just been busy, busy, busy... still.  :-)

This is such a blissful (albeit sometimes stressful) season...  I love the colors, the lights, the parties, the goodies, the new cool weather....  I don't know- maybe it has especial glamour for me because my birthday is three days before Christmas on top of everything :-)

In honor of the season, I got this book from the library and quickly consumed it within a day or so...

It was wonderful- didn't expect that I would want to cry over a story that I have heard so many times before but the novelization in this  book made it all so real to me...

Another wonderful book is

It tells the story of the nativity from a completely different perspective- a literally heavenly one.
Read a little taste of it here!

Anyway...  as I've been listening to the carols on the radio- old and new- the reminder of what God  has done for us... the why behind Christmas has been resounding in my heart...
To think- Immanuel "God with us"- God in the flesh!

Wanted to share this with you all as tomorrow is the first day of December (eek! YAY!) and it is also the first day to start this:
Daily Scripture Reading for December
(Sorry the photo is so pixelated!)
The reading consists of different passages of scripture to read everyday, starting December 1 all the way up until Christmas Eve, to prepare our hearts for Christmas and to help us focus on who Jesus is, and what He did for us 2,000 years ago...  it looks wonderful!  I think I may have to do it :-)

Have a blessed day...



  1. Can't wait to start the Bible reading!

  2. Merry Christmas - I'm glad to see someone thinking about the real Joy of the season. :)