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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are you black and white?

Some issues people like to "beat around the bush" so to speak...  they don't believe that there is any black and white- every situation is different...  such controversial issues as


That word is a hot button to so many people- you wouldn't believe it.  You wouldn't believe maybe even how some of your friends feel about it because nobody likes to talk about it... why?  Because it can be a down right painful topic- especially for people who are Pro-Choice (or pro-death is more like it).  They usually have had some sort of experience with abortion (they had one, their friend, girlfriend, sister, mom... etc..) and suffer from the unhealed wound of sin.  The Word of God is written on their hearts to tell them it is wrong- that is why no one wants to talk about it- they know that it is wrong but they are trying to brainwash themselves to think otherwise.  

Are you black and white?  Do you know that abortion is murder?  That a "fetus" in the womb is in fact a living baby that already has a soul and feelings?

I do.

Ray Comfort made a documentary this year regarding this subject- it should help you to determine a black and white stance if you do not already have one...

Please make sure with your parents first!

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