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Thursday, January 2, 2014

joy dare: a gift inside, outside, on a plate

a gift inside...

With some birthday money, I was able to purchase a Chemex coffee maker; turns out it can be awfully photogenic ;-) The taste of the coffee is so smooth, and it's addicting to make!

I love pouring the hot water in and watching it drip down...so romantic!  ;-)

a gift outside...

I took sweet Paul out for a walk this afternoon... His babbling and giggling is so precious.  I especially love to watch what he does with his hands--how he waves and claps, experimenting their inherent powers!

on a plate...

...and I break the romanticism with a picture of pizza--even with a bite taken out of it!  

Little Caesar's Pizza--a piece of my past, comfort food almost at it's best ;-)  When we first moved here, about nine years ago, Little Caesar's was a staple in our house.  We didn't have a whole lot of time to cook what with the busyness of that year with my mom helping her mom diagnosed with lung cancer, driving to chemo, etc.  So, in spite of the fact that it's terrible for you, it'll always hold a special place in our family's heart ;-)

Today was a work day--then it started to rain...fast and easy comfort food was in order!


  1. That coffee WAS wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

    PS Anyone want to come over for coffee???

    1. I do! LOL! That looks pretty cool.
      Love you guys!

  2. I miss you so much Amy!! Love all these pictures of Paulie. I miss him!! Kiss him for me. And Pete!! My little boyfriend! :D That kid brings me so much joy!!
    Love you so much!


  3. Kim! You are more than welcome for coffee and laughs any time!!

    Love you too!