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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Looking Back at the 2012 Lamplighter Guild {part five}

  The rest of the week was a blur of excitement, inspiration, and opportunity.

Morning devotions...
We usually split up into small groups for a more intimate setting, but one day Mr. Hamby thought that we should to up to "Eagle Point" impromptu all together.  So off we went- climbing rocky "steps" avoiding a couple of "cliffs" as we went.  
I was totally unprepared.  I had brought my dslr camera and my Bible in my purse- making it extra heavy, was wearing a rugged denim skirt, which- due to my excellent height- dragged delightfully on the ground, silver flip-flops, and coffee in one hand.  I felt like I was balancing the
whole time- I think I may have tripped once or twice, but I didn't fall!

But once I got up there, none of that mattered.

(See that pavilion in the background?  That's where me and my group had devotions that morning...)

Morning devotions were so sweet- when we split up into small groups with different "leaders" it was so nice that everyone was able to give input and encourage each other.  I will have to say, though, that my favorite mornings were when we were all together as a group and Mr. Hamby taught us the lesson that he himself had written in our booklet.  It was such a blessing to watch him talk about these things in the Word- how excited he got over them!  His eagerness to teach us- to help us to "see" what he saw- was so inspiring...

Hope you enjoyed the photos... :-)

...to be continued.

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