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Monday, February 6, 2012

I love- what else?

I love books.

(In case you didn't notice in my "About Me" page)

My idea of the perfect night (or day) is spending it with a perfect book.  One where there is mystery, intrigue, admirable characters, drama- the kind that makes you want to cry-, and suspense to keep me reading until it's finished (whether it's 5AM or 5PM).

Such are some of these:

...only to name a few.

But seriously, I love, love, LOVE, books...  I am passionate about them- I have a vision of collecting rare gems of books and saving them for my children- for when I get married someday.  I dream of being able to talk to my children about them and tell them what I learned when I was their age reading this or that book and what was going on in my life and so on.  Wouldn't that be a sweet bond to have?

Another thing I love- er, am good at- er, comes naturally to me <wink> is critique.  I have very high standards for books- sometimes fortunately, sometimes not.  I am very critical of the lesson, the writing, the pace...

So, combining the two things that I mentioned above- do you know what I decided to start doing?

Yeah, you probably figured it out: book reviews!

I have written quite a few before and quite enjoyed them- I will have to post some on here soon.  I have signed up for a few blogging for books programs and have already received a free ebook that I have read and will be posting the review soon...

Anyway... sorry for my absence in the blogging world over the past few weeks...  I've been trying to get into a groove ;-)

Have a fabulous day!

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