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Friday, January 9, 2015

i heart friday

Some of my favorite things around the web this week, thought I'd share them with you!


Loved this...

"I’m 43 years old for one more month and my passion for running has morphed into a full blown obsession...I want to push my body and my mind. I want to test my spirit. I want to see what's possible. Mostly, I'm looking to go beyond the limits placed on me, mostly by custom. I’ve set many lofty goals and failed at many. Well, failed so far. I am actually not freaked out about this coming behemoth of a task. I'm totally stoked. Flex leg, deep breath in my airplane seat. It'll probably hold up. 
I’m 43 years old for one more month and my passion for running is a full blown obsession.
Walt Disney World Marathon 2015
The Dopey Challenge -- 48.6 Miles in 4 Days"

So inspiring.  To push one's body and mind.  To press the boundaries, to see what is really possible...


Mind blowing:

"The heavens declare the glory of God..." 
The earth and universe echo with the sound of His voice, the touch of His fingerprints.


This will probably not be the last time that you see the Pevensies on here...but this picture just absolutely gets me.  One of my favorite characters in all literature (and film, for that matter) is Peter Pevensie.

His devotion to looking after his siblings, his steadfast heart, his bravery...and as they so beautifully depicted in the film, his humility. His loyalty to Aslan and his siblings by always putting them first, but yet, we all know that he's broken, he's got a little bit of a temper, and he might not be quite as brave as he wants everyone to think.  But that's another one of the reasons that I love him.


To follow up, I did find this little gem this week as well:

Isn't that the cutest?!

So I was looking up some Disney costume ideas for the little sisters, and I came across these...

Aren't they adorable?? I want to make them so badly!


Story inspiration:

What comes to your mind?


What a great printable! 

What better way to start your year than with a goal of hiding 50 of His most prominent passages in your heart?


Don't ever forget who you are...


Does this not look amazing???

I think I may add some recipe goals to my list! :P


This gorgeous Etsy print:

Echo the words from one of my favorite songs...


Found this; made me laugh...hard. :D

Doesn't it feel good to laugh?  No wonder it is called medicine for the soul...


And last but not least...

This week I was able to get some AHS gear out there!  What do you think?

And that wraps up this first week of i heart friday!  Hope you enjoyed it.  

Do you have some favorite picks from the week?  Let me know in the comments, or better yet, blog about it, and post the link below for everyone else to see too!

Be blessed, my dear readers!  I hope you have a wonderful Friday and a peaceful weekend! <3

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