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Monday, March 2, 2015


We all know it.

That deep, dark, paralyzing feeling.

That emotion that keeps us up at night.  

It has the power to twist our insides.  

To cause us to not be able to breathe.  

It moves us to physically shake.

This seemingly over-powerful emotion?


We all know it, I far too well. 

Overthinker I am, I consider all possibilities for all situations...my fear kicks in, punching me in the stomach, knocking me to my knees with my hands in the air.  I'm too afraid to keep moving.  I'm too afraid to press on.  

Because so many things could go wrong.

If I stay right here, nothing can go wrong.

Nothing can hurt me.

If I take another step, there's a possibility I could trip.

But I forget the King of the Universe standing next to me.  And He's never left.

He's always there; constant in my walk.  On this journey, He's seen every stumble, every misstep, every fall.  But He's also watched me run.  And it's only because of Him that I have the strength to take the next step.  

He whispers to me, 

"'Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.'"  ~Isaiah 41:10

Again, He whispers, comforts, calls me to cast all my anxiety on Him.  He surrounds me on every side, commands me to be strong, for He is with me.  He knows me better than I know myself.

As my heart quivers, He whispers gently to let Him bear the burden of fear.  Do I trust Him?

Do I trust the King of the Universe to take my burdens?

I do I trust the Maker of all things to protect my steps?

Do I truly desire His glory?

And am I willing to lay my fear aside enough to relentlessly pursue it?

Because I believe that in His holy sovereignty, God will make good on His promises.  

He promises to always be with me.

He promises to help me.  (Imagine, the King of the Universe, reaching down to help me?)

He promises to love me.

He will never allow me to under go a single moment in time that is more than I can handle with Him by my side, helping and loving me.  

The King of Heaven is calling me forward.  

He calls me to be bold; to be fearless; to be His fierce daughter, who knows that her Daddy is standing there, never wishing her to under go any unnecessary pain.  

Never going to allow her to walk through anything that would crush her.  

Never allowing anything to destroy her.  

He calls her to trust Him and cling to Him for constant strength and she will not be moved.

My beloved readers, whatever fears may be staring you down today, I encourage you to face them head on.  Call them out for what they are: distractions from the Lord's glory.  The fears that keep us from moving forward for His glory; call them out, and cling to your Father's hand.

Trust in His sovereignty.  Be bold and take the next step.

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