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Monday, August 11, 2014

epic scribbles

Hello, my lovely readers!

My sister Melody and I have had a little secret project brewing for a little while now...

You probably know of my love for words.  I can't escape verbosity, I could talk for hours and hours, circumventing one topic, offering ideas, opinions, angles, different wordings...aaaaand, I digress.  (See?)

In my love for the English language, at the young age of about 10 I began writing stories and have not lost the love for either storytelling or words since.

Melody began her writing journey about a year ago, and has since completed 5 novels.  Yeah, I know...I'm just kinda like...um, wow...


All that to say, Melody and I have put our brains, our passions, and our love for words together and have created a blog dedicated to our writing journeys:

Here we plan on posting snippets from our own writing adventures, as well as things that we have learned and are learning in hopes of benefitting other young writers!  We also plan on posting our favorite recourses, maybe some memes to help keep sanity, and lots more fun stuff.  ;-)

Head on over and check out today's debut post!

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