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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

book review: Stranger Things

Her career just beginning to take off, she had felt like she was just beginning to get a hold on life.  But when Serena Diaz is accused of raping one of her high school biology students, her world is turned on its head.

During a walk in the woods to clear her head after the outrageous accusations against her, she unknowingly walks right into the middle of a criminal operation. Her mistake ends up costing the life of a man she's never met--as he steps in the way of a bullet meant for her.

Serena's life will never be the same again.  When she begins to find connections between the man that sacrificed his life for hers, the boy claiming the victim at her hands, and even her boyfriend, she soon discovers a conspiracy much bigger than she ever could imagine.  Can she continue living silently, or will she have the courage to do what is right? What was it that would cause a man that had never known her to take a bullet in the heart for her?

I really enjoyed this book--it was definitely a page turner!  I truly appreciated the fact that it exposed the evils and emotional suffering of human trafficking, while not going into gross graphic detail.  One could truly feel what the character was feeling--even though the text did not come right out and say exactly what was going on.  I appreciated the discretion, while still maintaining true to the blackness of the issue being dealt with.

I wasn't crazy about the fact that God was not really mentioned. However, I do appreciate that this way the book appeals to a larger audience and is not just preaching to the choir.

All in all, it was a great story--page turner; very interesting!  But unfortunately, I wouldn't call the story or the characters themselves very memorable.  It was a great one-time read, but not a favorite that I would want to read over and over.

I give Stranger Things 3 stars.

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